Arnold's World

Coming soon from Arnold Arts.

About Arnold's World

Arnold’s World is an interactive media experience currently in development. As it grows, it will include multiple interactive Worlds, a cast of fun characters and historical figures, and will provide many hours of entertainment and learning. You will be transported to a magical land of songs, games, and interactive media via videos, augmented reality and games. This page shows a sneak peak of the project, which is scheduled for initial release later this the year.

Introducing B.W. Panda

A first look at the B.W. Panda, the Arnold’s World park host and mascot.

The Gullah People Remember Their Enslaved Ancestors (2002)

A Video by Journeyman Pictures about the history of the region.

The Worlds

The Land Of Return

The first official release of Arnold’s World, the Land Of Return will be an interactive experience where you travel with Marcus Garvey back to Ghana, learn about the Middle Passage, and meet a cast of colorful characters and historical figures. This is also connected to a larger project, involving an annual pilgrimage to The Land Of Return, and will combine historical fiction and fantasy with media and information from the real world voyage.

Gullah Island

The real life setting for the Arnold’s World physical location project, and the starting point for the whole experience. Gullah Island will also provide access to the other Worlds.

40 Acres

An Afro-Futuristic experience focusing on Reconstruction, this world is currently in development. Updates and more information to come.

Concept Art / References

Arnold’s World is a project conceived by Arnold Pinnix, Arts and Culture Director of the National Action Network, and founder of Arnold Arts. It is currently in development by Arnold Arts, LLC.

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