Land Of Return



Welcome to Arnold’s World! You will be greeted by the staff of 40 Acres, a post traumatic slave treatment center in the Gullah Island of South Carolina, and experience an outdoor drama reenactment of Catfish Row from the folk opera Porgy and Bess. You will be educated on the middle passage! You will then be welcomed aboard the Black Star Steam Ship Line by General Garvey to return Back To Africa! On the trip you will encounter Slave Spirits who were thrown overboard into the North Atlantic. As we approach the GOLD Coast and The Land Of Return, The Original People of Ghana will celebrate your return with a Virtual African Dance – join in the celebration! 

This map demonstrated the path of the Middle Passage, which will be retraced by the Land Of Return journey.

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Born M’ Allah, Mastermind of The Land Of Return

Nana Yaw Darkey, 2020 Land Of Return Director

Nana Yaw Darkey talks about the Year Of Return.

“Africa Is Your Home” Officials in Ghana’s capital Accra are inviting black Americans to live and invest in the West African nation. Watch now on Facebook.